mon dieu

bras and ranties must admit we felt our ripened age this weekend after friday’s ball left us over hung and done, at odds with the important plans we had lined up for saturday night. as we whimpered through the getting ready process, trying to muster the cheer and the chi to pull us through our ten yr highschool reunion (gah!) and a late-night nuit blanche tour de force, we eventually dropped our arms in surrender whilst liquid lining – bras and ranties simply could not go out.

it was less a physical reprieve that we required, so much as an emotional one. we’ll admit, we suffer through phases – quick blips of bleakness – where dealing with others is simply all too much for us. in truth – for what’s the point otherwise – we’re tormented by what’s around us; or what’s not, to be exact. what we deem lacking leaves us feeling frustrated and isolated. as if we have no place at all.

oh yes we get over the hump in a day or two, emotional reserves refreshed and recalibrated. but we’re often left wonderous as to why we let other people’s bullshit drain us and upset us so. we suppose we’d rather live this somewhat haunted life, rather than an ignorant one, and yet. next thing you know, we’ll be needing a fainting couch.