one of my biggest relief-moments thus far was the day i finally got on the phone with my money manager, having previously been too scared to check the market value of my investments. when i finally spoke to him, he essentially asked me how i managed to always look so good what with this horseshoe up my ass…

turns out this was a (rare) occasion that my inherent laziness had paid off. i’d forgotten to sign the form approving his ability to do transactions on my behalf…and the entirety was nicely sitting in cash.

i have however seen firsthand how the economic turmoil has devastated so many. and i am certainly not one to trivialize that. but how come we don’t hear much about the psychological, primal nature of the markets? the fact that this all started with stories…panic-oriented chatter, propagated through the media, influenced confidence in the market and, eventually, influenced the market itself? just a thought.