more blogette hearts.

i’m loving this idea, spotted on a favorite shopping site charles&marie, lifestyle navigators.

as some of you know, i am all about chi. the vibe and energy of my surroundings is very important. this goes for people, but also environments. i’ve been known to hop to at least three tables before settling comfortably when out for dinner. good chi is just so important, non?

anyways, as a result i’m stoked about the idea of utilizing television for ambient light. how lovely to turn your surroundings pink, or yellow, or deep blue – depending on your music…or your mood…or the dinner you’re serving…or even your outfit! behold, the colorlights dvd.

for the record, i’m also shocked there’s not an easier way to do these. perhaps all the mac geeks have already figured this out??

One thought on “more blogette hearts.”

  1. Joel Clements says:

    … us mac geeks call it a screensaver. Non?

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