a morning rantie.


trusting that you each had mighty fine weekends. after a marathon week cooped up at home with work, bras and ranties took pause over the weekend to chill. breathe. reconnect. be human. and to watch humans – my favourite pastime.

though (more than occasionally) style-watching, while out in a crowd i’m more likely to be found intuiting about what’s really going down with the people around me. and my hunches are rarely incorrect. as such, i believe i could call myself an insightful person, and (for some ungodly reason) friends often seek me out for advice.

all i can say is that i’m concerned. the honest truth: i see an absurd number of people completely disinclined to figure themselves out. they are unimaginative in their search for inspiration and fulfillment. they are apathetic in their motivation to fix what’s wrong within their lives or them selves. they accept mediocrity, perhaps because they doubtful as to whether they deserve more.

there is a big, huge, motherfucking hole in the center of our society, and it’s rooted in our disconnection with ourselves, with the earth and with why we’re here at all. perhaps we’ll never know these truths in our lifetime; but is that any reason not to try? why is insight into ourselves (into humanity, into emotions) not discussed, theorized upon, shared? aren’t we supposed to be evolving?

if i have a point at all, it’s that in order to grab life by the balls (in all senses of the phrase) you need to have figured out what you’re all about. you need to possess and maintain insight on yourself and your situations.

ask yourself: does this person make me happy?
ask yourself: am i getting what i need?
ask yourself: can i trust those who are in my life?
ask yourself: is that all there is?
ask yourself: what am i made of?
ask yourself: will this lead me to fulfillment? how about greatness?
ask yourself: has the newts lost her mind?