mother fuckies

turns out my mum does read the blogette, and apparently with great frequency. though we’re not quite sure if she actually enjoys it or if she’s just keeping tabs on things, we’re pleased about it nonetheless. amazingly this knowledge has instigated no censorship whatsoever on my behalf, and she has yet to reprimand for any of my devilry. what she has complained about, however, is the language.

i’ll admit: fuck may be one of my favorite words. peppered into (somewhat) intelligent writing, it achieves that perfect nuance of impact, non?

anyway mumsy, apparently the brainiacs from your homeland have now explained my inclination toward the trucker. turns out there’s a connection between the human’s fight/flight mechanism and swearing, and the employment of such vocabulary is proven to lessen pain. it’s an innate reaction, just like a dog’s growl.

though i may not seem in pain each time i drop an f-bomb, i truly am. stupidity pains me. trust.