musings on a decade

each day bras and ranties spends an (almost laughable) amount of time sorting through the digital clutter on the interweb. today, a barrage of bestof/worstof lists, attempting in earnest to provide a representative summary to this past decade with no name.

funny that idea, isn’t it? the decade which delivered more fundamental change to the human profile, lifestyle, life and race than any before it – left with no name.
as we partake in custom of taking stock, we can’t help but notice how similar the landscape looks to a time when (frankly) we didn’t know any better. try as we might to look forward, we somehow seem to have found ourselves face to face with the past – come back to haunt, taunt, torture and test us in varying manifestations. if it had happened any sooner than this moment, we’re sure we’d have failed miserably. even now, we feel our resistance wavering, muscles trembling.
we’re not sure what the chi-gods have in store for us this time. but we’ve got a feeling there will be a fuck load of blogette posts out of this one.
what we’ve learnt is that we have much to learn.