my mustache brings all the girls to the yard

we are about to bear witness to the imminent resurgance of the stache, as november brings about man’s united month-long front against prostate cancer: movember.

important (and very well-executed) cause aside, bras and ranties must take this opportunity to point out the obvious. every dude wishes he was dude enough to pull off the any-month mustache. in fact, few can convincingly do the deed. movember is a month-long free pass for all the boys to rock their mos: every handlebar, porno or lester the molester stache for himself.

any boys out there getting in on the action? let us know, we’ll throw some love your way. and yes, we promise it will be more than 5¢.

2 thoughts on “my mustache brings all the girls to the yard”

  1. ~Dickie says:

    I started growing mine on Sunday. I expect it will be visible by my birthday on the 28th.

  2. Chris ter Bekke says:

    I am afraid, I am one of these people! You can see from the pic, that it's going to be a bad one… and will be there when I visit the States in a couple/few weeks

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