my very own miss rowe

fans of the canadian label miss rowe must book now for her customization event, which ends this coming weekend. check out the even teaser and info here.
designer ashley has taken her most popular pieces from her spring collection (with a few staples from collections-past) and made them available wholly customized to her clients. and all at a significantly discounted price, compared with what the pieces would retail for.
i was ohsoclose to getting this linear silk a-line mini, until i went vamp at the eleventh hour, and opted for an architectural bodice dress instead. complete with some major elvira cleave. i juxtaposed the tough construction situation by opting for a gorgeous raw, white silk (though i was panicked that evening when i realized the dress could also be mine in a taxi-yellow leather). needless to say, i am beyond excited.
since everything’s done locally, they are able to turn the pieces around in a week or two. mine will be ready prior to next week’s vegas jaunt with chef cory. i will be doing a wardrobe special, for your viewing pleasure. all the new pieces are coming out to play!