nerd herd.

until i figure out all the goodies (like how to add a page view counter, and how to let my friends sign up for email alerts) you will have to make-do with checking the blog on your own accord. which, i admit, is not ideal for me! but anyways…

or. you can google reader.

i was intro’d to this by a colleague we lovingly referred to as ‘man zone’, because for a good chunk of time, he was the only man surrounded by very excitable, very adorable (for the most part) women. so we obviously made him a zebra-print sign with man zone written in hot pink, adorned with pimp shit, to proudly hang above his desk. i digress.

google reader is an aggregator of all of the recent updates to your fave blogs. kinda like netvibes. all you do is sign in, and all recent posts are waiting for you in one destination. it’s pretty cool, though i think it f*cks up the bras and ranties header.

One thought on “nerd herd.”

  1. JD says:

    Newts, bras and ranties is now a fixture on my Netvibes. Thanks for the shout out!

    Still in the ‘Man Zone’

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