new year’s eve

good friday afternoon lovelies.

we had all the best intentions to update the blogette last night however our evening took some (shall we say) rather unforseen turns. we’re quite sure most of you have already fucked off for the weekend (or know better than to check back mid-afternoon on a freelance friday) but we’re here anyway to say a wee hello.

we have been banished from the house by the presence of our cleaning lady, neither of us much enjoying each other’s company while we attempt to go about our respective work undisturbed. so we’re tucked up in the corner in our coffee spot, few places else we’d rather be writing on this chilly november day.
once considered our most creative and cerebral outlet, we’ve recently realized that the blogette is now the sole recipient of all of our writing efforts. not that we’re complaining – we love our bras and ranties – but a change of medium disrupts the process, and thus the result a very different sort of catharsis. it’s no wonder we haven’t been feeling our best.
but on the eve of each birthday we take time to ourselves to write about where we are, where we’ve come from and (most importantly) where we’re going. this aint no dear diary shit – this is a dump of consciousness that swirls across the page in forms of prose, diagrams and connections. it’s the truth, slowed down, given just enough pause to morph into the artful. and it’s the only thing in the world (besides marijuana) that takes the pressure off our chest and the worry out of our mind.
tonight will be no different, as we intend to let loose the floodgates of our tumultous, adventurous game-changing year. expect many a blogette post outta this one. happy weekends. and happy birthday to bras and ranties x