a note on love.

sorry to pontificate on heartbreak in my blogette, but life is life and dem’s de breaks. for the record i have permission to post about this, so long as parties remain nameless and unidenfiable.

anyways, i caught up with a friend tonight, who – damned as she might – just cannot get over her douche of a dude. xdude, shall i say. been there, done that, got the fuckin postcard. see right.

but the poor wee thing got me thinking…when you’re sad about losing someone, don’t you now have your loss in place of that someone? aren’t you still emotionally invested? it’s when you let go of being sad, when you’re hanging on to no one but you, that’s when you figure out what you’re made of! being sad is overrated. get over it. i love you.

ooh…speaking of heartbreak, came across this in a novel i was reading and earmarked it for an unkown future hot quote injection.
such is now.
i have never been sure if we are all talking about the same thing when we talk about love. perhaps real love is too boring to talk about. heartbreak is so much easier to understand. and i think, sometimes, we employ it as an understudy, a stand-in for the real thing.