oh my wantie

wait just a moment. what’s this we see? we spy with our little eye our latest must-have. pvc thigh highs, obviously! holy mother of mercy we wantie. and now. layered with nude fishnets. and evil-mendel booties. yes yes yes!

come to think, we’re quite sure these could be located on a rather saucy stretch of yonge street. we think we may have to go stripper shopping and see what we can drum up. care to place an order?

oh. sorry to the corporate types for the nip. but censorship sucks. and so do you, for getting offended by a nipple.

(image stolen from 4thandbleeker)

2 thoughts on “oh my wantie”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Could this be a selfie of Ms Ranties, herself? Have we finally put a face to the pen (or keyboard)?

  2. admin says:

    our boobies are bigger.

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