oh shit, it’s monday

every once in a while the idea flashes across our conscience that perhaps in creating bras and ranties we may have also created a little bit of a monster. never having been known as one to keep mum with our opinion on the matter, we will concede that perhaps the blogette allows our voice a certain amplification. we are most certainly more vocal with our (occasionally) controversial opinion on the matter; but ya’ll know we speak the truth. perhaps that’s why it so irritates?

we’ll admit we don’t always wrap it in in the sweetest of stories. what can we say to this except: are you fucking new? we can be a bitch. this is the way the world turns. you either love us or you hate us. we feel the same way.

anyways, enough of that rantie. hope each and every one of you enjoyed this glorious fall weekend – no doubt it was quite likely our last. we donned our halo and graciously made up for last weekend’s debauchery; paying homage to the chi gods by being all kindsa productive. our biggest endeavour: tackling the formidable mount jenny.

mount jenny was so aptly named by one of two poor souls who’ve ever had the nerve to shack up with bras and ranties and her extraordinary closet. sure the wardrobe is humungous, but we are also messy. like, messier than messy. as such, an impressive pile of clothing (only occasionally extending to a mountainous range) looms often. though it is quite amazing how much you can pile into the closet when boys, parents or the cleaning lady comes over.

we set to work this afternoon with a tea (spiked with baileys) and one dutchie as our wardrobe companion. it took a very. long. time. and we only really tackled the priority and second tier clothes.

alas we hope our fresh attempt at organization 1) lasts and 2) allows us to be more creative while getting dressed in the morning. how lovely not to dig through a pile for your pants. if only we’d thought of this before.

One thought on “oh shit, it’s monday”

  1. b. says:

    hmm.. it seems to me that you are perhaps my doppleganger.

    I, too, smoked a nice one and did a major organization of my massive pile of clothes that always seems to form on my zebra print couch.

    One side effect, for some reason I could actually find things EASIER in the chaotic state compared to my newly organized state. Running around everywhere looking for my running shoes, not realizing that they were actually where they were supposed to be, but never are.

    I give mine 3 days.

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