only boring people get bored

as we cavort our way round town – course through the veins of toronto, its days nights parties its people – it really never fails to amaze us. those decreasing degrees of separation / interconnectivity / incest as we all attempt to live lives in parallel. in time with each other.

some can be found bemoaning it: every one knows every one. of course it’s not true (for how could it be) and yet the search for common ground, for context is inevitably abbreviated. a short-lived inquiry. anticlimax. everyone kinda does know everyone.
the truth sits at the core of what we groan about this town, while also being exactly what makes us enjoy it so. look closely at the faces around you. friend. foe. frienemy. take them in. because they sure as shit aren’t going anywhere. they’ll just get older. more weathered. all the wiser. this is your life, man.
it doesn’t mean we have to like each other. it needn’t mean we get along (where’s the fun in that). but it means we must be gracious. respectful of other opinion, philosophies. allow each other the room to exist and experiment, to realize potential. to create value for the world however we’ve been blessed.
brasandranties is guilty of not always having been so-inclined. oh there’s more than a few grudges with our stamp on it. but we’re each on our own journey, just all at different points along the way. go forth. do your thang. conquer. inspire others to do similar. props to those who already are (you know, in case we haven’t mentioned)

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  1. vdk says:

    This picture is hilarious!


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