do something cool.

if you are around toronto this weekend, definitely take the chance to check out the 2nd annual ‘the artist’s project’ at the liberty grand.

the fair is on all weekend, and it an amazing opportunity to check out established/emerging artists and buy pieces directly (usually at an impressive price point).

tix are $10 online, $12 @ the door. unless you decide to check out the opening night party ce soir (before you come to the contact party, of course). then it’s $25.

if anyone goes and purchases anything cool, send pics!

905ers deserve love too…

in toronto happenings…

the dudes from brassaii (and i think one from west) are opening yet another manufactured nightlife experience, this time on ossington on the ground floor of the famed babydolls.

the saint is set to open in april. i’m sure you’ll hear about it. not sure how the hipsters will take to this one…


our first reader mail!

hi newts. what are you reading right now?
xo a bras and ranties fan

oooh a fan!

my migration to freelance work has left me with odd pockets of extreme amounts of spare time. because my default chill behaviour usually includes shopping and lying with a/my dutchie on the couch, i have been trying to keep myself occupied with more cerebral things. like books. and us magazine.

right now i’m reading ‘the white tiger’ – aravind adiga’s debut novel. so far it’s an energetic, complex, moody comedy about one man’s road to success.

my last few books:

babylon rolling (amanda boyden) a somewhat jarring story of a street in pre-katrina new orleans.

bridge of sighs (richard russo) an intricately woven story of a simple man…that we can all learn a few things from. nice but not riveting.

choke (chuck palahniuk) will make you feel weird.

better dog behavior (charlotte schwartz) obviously doesn’t work.

send me more reader mail!

go buy now.

it’d be an understatment to say that nude had a presence in the spring shows. it was everywhere. it’s fresh, pretty, subtly sexy (is that chick nekkid…oh no, wait) and it’s an amazing base for so much:
for a black leather jacket (a must-have over dresses for spring – check out chanel iman’s lv dress and zara jacket);
or gold or silver or black jewels;
for turquoise, navy, fuschia, yellow, grey, white…i could keep going if you like.

you’ll hopefully start seeing it in shops soon. no need to blow your wad…try zara, mendocino and aritzia’s talula babaton.


i know it’s old news, but as if rihanna is back with chris brown.

i’ll link to what her face looked like after he was done with her…since it’s before lunch and all:
look at this chump-ass-fool jet-skiing around pdiddy’s pad in miami…where he and the delightful riri have been ‘talking through their issues’. someone looks repentent (eye-roll).

the spicyspot

do you read sweetspot?

i know a ton of you do. i do too. and every day i sort of wonder why…

i’m not going to complain about it. but i AM going to do a daily spicyspot: my ode to what i’d write about if i was sweetspot. because why be sweet when you can be spicy?

spicyspot march 3 2009

this one’s for the ladies.
if you’re like me and you’ve been torturing your sugarbox (and other less-fun locations) with waxing for years, welcome to your saviour. ritual salon. somehow the 20min brazilian becomes 4minutes. the level7 pain becomes level3. and the $65 bill becomes $30.
you’re welcome.

ritual salon 787 king street west 4163060040

my capitalist father would be ashamed.

going green.

does a term ever go stale? with all of the tech wonderments in the world (i won’t reference one…since the most up to date example i can think of is a memory stick, and i’m pretty sure that would classify me as out of touch) but with all those smarts, why the hell aren’t we already green? i digress…

if you’re curious as to whether the green-momentum will slow throughout 09, i say you’d better make sure it’s your colour. consumers will continue to demand planet-friendly; mostly because they’re informed, the rest because they want to be like everyone else. but a stat you can’t ignore: four out of five consumers say they are still buying green products, even in the midst of our recession, despite these products often costing more. (reuters)

so i can’t help but wonder…does it matter to you that you are handing your cash to the guys trying to get rich off of our latest fears…as long as we’re making ‘better’ choices for the planet? every key player plans to phoenix post-recession with a sustainability and eco-friendly strategy…does that really make us forgive and forget?

i pontificate. as we clean up the world shouldn’t we clean up the system? in the current world of manufacturing and marketing, fresh, innovative, game-changing brands can’t even get on a shelf because they’re not brought to you by a cpg* behemoth. why are dollars are wasted in desperate attempts to spike sales or spiff retailers, instead of building brands that make shiz better?

where are all the good ideas?

* consumer packaged goods, for my non-marketing amigos.