pampered privates

it’s the dead of february with no end to the season in sight. the pessimists whisper that winter’s wrath has even yet to begin, the concept of an civilized canadian spell simply laughable. and whether that wretched hog willie is right or not, the smell of spring remains a distant mirage.

if our days at the desk are spent romanticizing about feet in sand, colada in hand we figure it’s best to at least look the part. so bras and ranties has booked ourself a little body love with the girls at gee beauty. after all. if you don’t feel fabulous, your muff might as well.
all through this dreary month, gee will be offering bras and ranties lovelies a special treat. book a down-below detailing (no explanation required) with a cocoa tan treatment and the girls will throw in a sexy thong by cosabella. consider your valentine’s day (or any day) outfit complete.
check gee here, if you haven’t already. it’s one of the more fabulous spots (and blogettes) around town. tell them bras and ranties sent you.