pantie rantie

my word. the looming threat of the scrunchie’s return has been overthrown with an even bigger coiffe mis-step: the awkward use of thong as hair accessory.

what the fuck is this? since when do we throw dirty panties in our hair in a pinch? is jus du vagine the next moroccan hair oil?

seems to us like the cosmo writers smoking some crazy, as (last we checked) guys didn’t really dig birds with undies in their do. can someone please explain to bras and ranties what in god’s name is going on?






2 thoughts on “pantie rantie”

  1. Anonymous says:

    oh my! this is something right out of the twilight zone.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cosmo sucks. The write the same articles over and over and only change the title of the article I feel. I think this is just a poor attemt to write something new, as they have no other ideas.

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