the peanut gallery

interesting convos en-tweet over the weekend with some high profile bloggers like sea of shoes and the bloggess (and many more, not so high) debating whether open-forum comments are the way to go on their respective websites.

there’s truth in the fact that even the most secure of persons will have difficulty with nasty-natured judgements anonymously hurled in their direction. talk about a chi-buster in an otherwise palettable day. especially within such a forum, where we’re each simply doing our best to be engaging and interesting in our own little slice of the interweb.

there’s also wisdom in the idea that too much of anything can disrupt a person’s balance, that the 10% evil is there to leave the rest in check. most people would declare it’s what we’ve got coming to us, putting private matters into the open for all eyes to see and all fingers to point at. but we say get with the times, grandma. you’re publishing your voice too, simply in a half-assed way. we’ve seen your facebook statuses.

surprisingly, we haven’t seen all that much hate mail ourselves beyond the latest shoe disgruntleds whose comments we seem to be amassing. (we’d love to see what they’ve got on, by the way, not to make fun but for context) while we’re certainly not openly inviting hate and meanness, we think we can handle a good above the belt tussle. in fact, we’d venture to guess once the (sane) haters got to know bras and ranties they’d probably come around. after all, aren’t we all just trying to do our thangs?comments thus remain an open free-for-all. get confabulating.