picture this..

it is 4:01pm. most of the crowd at lg fashion week is already seated for the anticipated travis taddeo show, the first full day in the tents abuzz with energy, stress and hyper-awareness of others. the house lights are off and the runway is lit in the intermission’s blue glow, most already having felt the thrill of stepping right on and sashaying to their seats. the show is about to begin.

bras and ranties rushes into the room, per usual flustered despite her unwavering probability of being tardy for the party. we quickly hello and goodbye a friend, turning to look longingly back at him as we hastily rush off toward our seat.
then. our new baby taschkens catch the edge of the runway, causing us to fall foward, then recover, then lose it, then fall again hard. like, on our face. our leather pants skid down the aisle like a rock skipping over water (however with a much more disturbing and balloon-like sound). and the only thing that makes that terrible sound stop? the sound of 800 people gasping all at once
we certainly know how to make an entrance.
a gentleman rushes to our rescue with our purse (which has gone left) and a photographer – who assures us profusely that no one got the shot – appears with our shawl (which has gone right). we take a wee curtsey as we carry on, only to lock eyes with our nemesis, who has not only witnessed, but also gossiped girl our ass about the whole thing. point for you, cheri.
alas, we recovered, as you must. and as we had our many flashbacks of the stumble throughout the remainder of the evening, once the dignity-bruising subsided, we really were left giggling about the whole thing. if anyone had to take a ride on that slip n slide in front of hundreds, we’re glad it was us versus some undeserving wee thing. every once in a while we need our dose of humility; or shall we say humiliation.
by the way we’ve since realized the whole disaster was karma for the years we spent laughing at the children who face planted @ the granite skating rink. we know, we know – so evil. but there really aren’t many things funnier than seeing a person fall down. ya knows? in honor of this universal truth, click here for your daily dose of laughing at people.