please don’t feed the models.

where oh where are all the models?

now i’m as much of a celebrity-whore as anyone, but i enjoy my models. i stare at their photographs, in awe of the art of the beautiful face, while curious as to the mathematical mis-step that made them so much prettier than me. harumph.

there’s no doubt this has been an industry hot-topic for a while, as fashion mags continued to feed the gossip fury through celebrity domination of covers. but it seems lately that both the industry and the audience appetite has returned back to the days of model as muse.

which is why i was left rather incredulous when i heard all the fuss over the july issue of harper’s bazaar. though magazine subscription holders will be receiving the cover on the right featuring the stunning doutzen kroes (snap taken at a purposeful cover photoshoot) the newsstand issues will feature a stock-shot of angelina jolie. no interview inside, but rather a writer’s theories on how angie has become an object of fixation for both men and women.

now – i don’t read harper’s bazaar all that often. do you? perhaps you can shed some light. as the publishing industry feels the grips of digital modernization and an economy in the shits, why oh why wouldn’t hb be choosing this opportunity to firmly solidify their brand and their message? i mean, don’t your eyes just go all blurry when you see the gossip rag rack? why blend in with the banter when you can create (and provide) something beautiful?
as an aside – look at that bitch’s hair. that is the hair of my fantastically glorious dreams. never. gonna. happen.