poems from an unpoet

call it love.

forever whimsied for a soul
with patterned parts
left in wait to be whole. filled.
call it love?
call it devotion. call it slavery.
mouse-eared kingdoms of caretaking
an olympian chess game
a bankman’s puppet strings
call it love?
what of you grinning chesire
operatic mask wrapped silken. hermes.
a collection of nooses grandfathered.
strapped to someone else’s destiny.
and what to make of the incapacitated
turned medusa stone. strict silence.
the burly burdened with a truth
too fragile to pay it mind.


suspect, mr hyde
his victim, charmed fate
(what feeds an eager ego but a narcissus tragedy)
the left shoulders its way on, in light of it
centrifugally charged without intervention.
you call it. love?
 if it’s love.
love leave me be.


9 thoughts on “poems from an unpoet”

  1. Anonymous says:


    Love leave me be.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I adore this. beautiful words.

  3. Anonymous says:

    this is beautiful.

    this is real.

    this is what everyone needs to remember.

  4. Anonymous says:

    this is crappy. sorry.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Latest Anonymous.
    I find it rude and annoying that you would leave this type of comment, especially after B&R put this out there as being raw and real. The rest of us don't want to read your negative "Chi busting" and I'm sure B&R doesn't either.
    Signed, Another Anonymous

  6. admin says:

    whatevs. to each her own.
    poetry isn't written for others, people are too hard to please (and ignorant) to sit with something so personal and subjective.
    but bras and ranties would agree that the anonymous shit-talk is rather unnecessaire. peace and love amongst men / all that jazz. we will reiterate: if you don't like us, don't read us. mmmkay?

  7. A says:

    i'm happy you posted it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    just to play the devils advocate here, i'm sure "negative anonymous/chi busting" doesn't feel that way about every post. so to assume that they're one negative comment is implied to the entire blog is wrong. i'm sure they enjoy reading you B&R, they might just not be fond of this particular post-that's all- no need to take it personally, it's a blog, as you once stated, could be anyone-it's business, it's part of the position, putting yourself out there. (this is not to be read in a negative tone, but yet a neautral tone as I know through email/blog it can sometimes be construed the wrong way)

  9. JB says:

    As a closet poet for tooooooooo many years I really appreciate your musings on a subject that tears me up up on a daily basis!

    In the past I have loved your writing for its viewpoint, its wit and its ability to transcend barriers. Now I also love it for its poignantcy and spirituality.

    Merry Christmas B&R

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