practically perfect in every way

did you feel that?

of all the shifts in season that this glorious country bestows upon us, bras and ranties wonders if today’s isn’t the most important one of all. years of fresh starts come september have ingrained the practice within us; something about the days apres labor day leaves us feeling fresh and renewed. a whole new chapter, if you will.

we have a disproportionate number of friends currently experiencing either a subtle or severe stirring of their figurative leaves. an odd summer this one certainly was, with many broken bones and broken hearts left scattered along the way. with no uncertainty (or unfamiliarity) of the pain change can bring about, we must inform you there’s something much more important at hand. even the cynic in bras and ranties must admit, life has a way of righting itself, despite your grandest protests.
what the world is trying to teach us is one of the most important lessons of all; change is the only certainty. it’s something you’ve got to crave, rather than fear. live with wherewithal, and question whether what you have is good enough. always look. always ask questions. alter your course often. never settle. and never, ever marry for money.