pumps-with-sock yes!

as a pressing follow up to a previous post on the matter (which we believe garnered one wee soldier of a comment, alone in his battle to confabulate amongst the rest) we provide street heart exhibit a: leighton meester doing pump-with-sock, er, relatively well en paris fashion week.

just to nitpick, because we can, we find these to be pulled a bit high and tight for our liking. they should be slouchier or something. this looks as if she stole chuck bass’ socks in a pinch.

(speaking of, we recently went through the rather gross process of pitching the xboyfriend socks we seem to have accumulated in our sock drawer. thirteen floaters. thirteen! that’s more socks than we have for our own use, we estimate.)
despite the height mishap bras and ranties awards leighton full points. this outfit is fierce. j’adore the belted vest. drools for the black en navy. and love love love the balls.