magic man

we have long been intrigued by the astounding cerebral capacities of some sufferers of autism. in fact, we wish we knew more about the disorder, so very curious about the rare and extraordinary talents that can present themselves in up to 10% of cases.

stephen wiltshire is one such savant. diagnosed with autism at the age of three, stephen displays an unusally prodigious memory that allows him to recreate his subjects down to minute photographic detail. his subjects of choice are cityscapes, recreated with such accuracy that exact numbers of columns, roofs and building windows are reproduced. absolutely incredible.
since monday october 26th wiltshire began filling in an 18 foot canvas of the new york city scape at the pratt institute, brooklyn. the drawing is expected to be complete by friday. you can follow his progress through the live webcam here. so fucking cool.
having completed cityscapes of some of the world’s most iconic cities – london, tokyo, hong kong, rome, madrid, frankfurt, dubai, and jerusalem, the new york panorama marks wiltshire’s last cityscape. after this piece is complete, he said he will pursue drawing individual buildings.

check it.