yesterday was international women’s day. we didn’t talk about it.

we thought about it for a moment – the rights, truths, equalities of women no doubt critically important to us on personal, societal and global level. but we struggle with the notion of needing a day at all.
the last thing we’re attempting to do is discount the work (the fight) of our mothers and their mothers in securing us the place within which we sit. our issue isn’t that at all.
our issue is, however, with women’s longstanding acceptance of the notion. long before the moneymakers penned their bible (history’s most famous marketing material) woman and man lived symbiotically. never one without the other. two parts a whole, impossible without eachother. ying. yang.
and then the world tipped, currents and constructs pliable in the hands of the profiteers. history unraveled and women found themselves in marriages, cultures and religions in which they were inferior. it became simply the way it was, few individuals believing they themselves could incite change. social structures buried too deep to upheave.
we won’t subscribe to a day that perpetuates the mistakes of generations past. recognizing the strides of women simply feeds the fucked-upedness that we had to stride in the first place. yesterday’s quote seems suddenly all the more relevant.
bras and ranties looks forward to the day where humanity is our religion. where we step away from spoon-fed bullshit in front of us and see this world as something more. where empathy directs behaviour. after all, behaviour becomes destiny.

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  1. AOK says:

    Amen to that sista'

  2. Anonymous says:

    The fucked-upedness is in your interpretation. Its your choice to abstain from 'the fight'; fine. But it’s really weak and misguided to say that it shouldn't be this way so what you will do is further marginalize, sweep under the carpet, and frankly, depoliticize very important moves toward humanism–seems to me that you don't understand that international women's day, indeed, women's achievements and equality, is also about men and families–this is about humanism.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe on 'International Women's Day' women (and men, and children) should be made aware of the many parts of the world, and many millions of women, who do not have the luxury of a blogette to speak their truths, their philosophies, their lives.
    Maybe on 'International Womens Day', we can all fight for, support, and try to tip the scales in their favour.
    Maybe next International Womens Day you can blogette and tweet about that.. instead of a client checking out your boobs.
    – just a man's opinion.

  4. Anonymous says:

    There is not a culture, ethnicity or religion that could stand the examination of their treatment of their women. That said why do we, as a country, continue to exacerbate these issues by welcoming the most divisive of peoples into this great land.

  5. Anonymous says:

    We are doing women a diservice by having International Women's Day. Essentially stating that we need a day to feel equal to men – if we were really equal then we wouldn't need a day to remind us of that now would we? Think about it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    RE: Anon#4.

    Wow–I'm dismayed by your complete lack of understanding of our social history! Women are not equal with men: not in our laws; mores; institutions; nor in the home, to name but a few institutios. The point is to graner support for equality and equity! Perhaps you should be thinking a bit more critically non?

  7. Anonymous says:

    "if we were really equal then we wouldn't need a day to remind us of that now would we? Think about it."
    That's the point! We do have a day, because we're not considered equal every where! The 'day' at least ignited this conversation, among thousands of others I'm sure!
    So go tell a woman in Africa who has been raped and has HIV and a half dozen children to 'think about it' as she struggles to raise her daughters in this perfectly 'equal' and just society!
    Just because you feel equal, and all women are and should, there is no other way, doesn't mean that it is! Give your head a shake!
    50 years ago, damnit 150 years ago, relative to our human existence, is a drop in the bucket in time. Don't be foolish to think as you sip you Starbucks that the page has turned to close that chapter in this unfair and tough world we ALL live in today.
    Your grandmother's grandmother would be so disappointed in this recklessness.

  8. admin says:

    now now, be nice to each other.

    the day exists because the world is fucked up and unfair. women have been mistreated and made to feel inferior since the day some fucktard came up with the concept that we grew from a man's rib. it has been a struggle, and continues to be. no one is denying that.

    those of us so blessed to live in a place where we've (apparently) achieved equality must do whatever it takes to bring awareness, aid and change to the humans who need it and who don't have voices for themselves. women and men. girls and boys. every day, not just one.

    so what, may we ask, did those of you in such aggressive support of the day actually do? did you make impact? did anyone?

  9. Anonymous says:

    I ate a few ribs.
    oops, gulp

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