after weeks of being compelled by friends and readers to direct our attention to a certain blogette on the block, we finally clicked through to see what all the fuss was about. and fuss we did. we will (as usual) omit all specificities, but tone, manner and vernacular most certainly had us up in arms. and despite our saturday morning rantie on the matter, the discovery has subsequently left us as perplexed as we are vexed.

we spent the remainder of weekend mulling over the notion of imitation. why it annoys us so. and why anyone even bothers with it in the first place.

the patient woman would argue the act’s most flattering virtues, prescribing the inclination to follow as a person’s most humble token of compliment. sincere, we believe they call it. and yet somehow the whole thing feels just the opposite.
imitation is not flattery. inspiration is. a curious mind will be taken with a concept, an artistic inclination, a style a feeling or a notion – and then mold it as it will. allow the contours of the brain to reshape the possibility, synapses changing the make-up of an idea. it’s about turning something into your own. it’s about authenticity.
and while we admit the line dividing imitation and inspiration is as invisible as it is relative (and we admit bras and ranties may be somewhat overprotective of our own brand guidelines) the truth: if your intended audience is yelling rip off, it’s time to change up your game. this seat’s taken.
as for us, we’ve heeded sage advice and used the rude interruption as our own inspiration to further refine and evolve what we do. to continue making this uniquely ours. to be bold. to be real.
try it some time.

7 thoughts on “rantie”

  1. Emma says:

    Hard to say without seeing this other blog, but who came first? Was it intentional immitation or accidental? Nothing is truly original these days, we take inspiration from many blogs in order to write our own. Unless this blog is calling itself "bras and ranties" as well then I'm afraid it's fair game. Many writers have a similar tone, I wouldn't let it get to you! Cheer up! You're no less creative just because this other blog exists 🙂

  2. Emma says:

    "Without competition there is no brand."

  3. iamlaura says:

    sorry kiddo, but art is pastiche. go with it. discover the joy of such things like the creative commons. the remix. the post-modern world. it's very 1.0 of you to behave otherwise.

    don't hate, embrace!

  4. admin says:

    sorry ladies. we've had to keep this anonymous as per our rules but this is not art, nor inspiration. it's not creative commons, nor a remix. this is a rip-off. and we aren't having any of it.

  5. iamlaura says:

    seems we're discussing two different things. i do truly believe that, as a general principle, art is fluid and belongs to everyone. but you're not thinking in general. you're thinking of one specific person/blogger. so i'm not sure that it's really possible to discuss this when you're working from a point of reference that others don't have. totally respect that you don't want to share the link- i get that. but it limits the conversation on the matter, when we're speaking hypothetically and you're thinking of one person that seriously pissed you off (and may god have mercy on that gal).

  6. Anonymous says:

    Is it lucky penny???

  7. Anonymous says:

    Lucky Penny is totally ripping off your blog. It's aparent to all.

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