a rantie

we get a lot of love for the images that accompany our blogette posts. glad you like. in case we don’t cite often enough, we pinch them most often from the gorgeous photography aggregator we heart it. most of the time, those images help to support our point; lending another layer to the theme of our words. another sentiment. a chi. and yet this image is the true story to be told – a typographic block of black words on white, so sincere and so basically, fundamentally human.

in a way it helps to encapsulate quite exactly the way we wish for the world. to simply be who we are. all of us in confidence. unapologetic. yourself. because (though the ego tells us otherwise) you are all you have.our point is to dialogue on this shit. to confabulate on what’s in front of us. to question norms and to be curious as to their origins. to philosophize on humans. the most important point of it all? authenticity. we simply could not be anyone but this. and while we admit the world might be a little less nice if we all lived this way, we think there’d be more truth, more empathy, more respect and more humanity. now how about that.

(image pinched from we heart it)