speaking of the ghoulish eve past, we must take this opportunity to rantie away at the halloweenis fail to which we were witness.

any party-goer or thrower should know that a line-up is a divination of doom. absolutely no event should necessitate an hour long wait outside in toronto’s october chill. period – end of sentence. most certainly not on a day where clothing sense and sensibility has flown out the window, girls left (both literally and figuratively, as proven by bras and ranties) naked. and most especially not to a party to which each and every one of those persons left suffering outside actually bothered to rsvp.

while we are partially inclined to rantie away at the lack of a gorgeous hallow’s eve costume ball to which we could attend, we will refrain as we realize this is simply a direct result of watching too much gossip girl. what we will maintain is this. enough of this juvenile, frat party bullshit. prepare for your event. plan. build processes promoting efficiency. get your shit together and get organized. otherwise there won’t be a line-up next time. and if there is, bras and ranties certainly won’t be in it.