so, we’ll say it…we’ve been man-slinging. quite rarely found in a state of single, bras and ranties is usually found boyfriend hopping from one dysfunctional situation to the next with mad passion, blissful ignorance and caution to the wind. no doubt, each love (and each end) makes you all the wiser, but we must admit that single is looking mighty fine right now.

along the journey of our endeavours, a certain phenomenon at first struck (and now baffles) us: the surprising number of men who’ve simply got no game.
dear sirs. the ability to make a woman want you (and want you bad) is a fundamental mandatory for life. everyone wants what they’re not quite sure they can have. didn’t yo mama ever tell you?
 while we have previously considered whether this may be our curse in love, it’s just the way it is: we can’t get hot for the nice guy. la belle et le bad boy. getting to know someone is like a dance. it’s seduction. it’s a power struggle. it’s foreplay. no one wants an eager beaver.

2 thoughts on “rantie.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    A thought from a really good bad boy: If you put yourself in dysfunctional situations chasing things you can't have, who really cares when you don't get it and end up alone. I'll tell you who, the good guy.

  2. admin says:

    certainly not denying a place for the good guy; we all want to end up with one! simply saying they need to keep it under wraps at first, for the sake of us scorpios.

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