well, it seems bras and ranties has done it again.

this past saturday saw yet another incident of us calling a man out on his highlights. while we will admit that each episode recorded to date may have occured after vodka soda was imbibed en masse, we remain perplexed as to why we’re always received with such a negative reaction.

homeboy, you highlight your hair. this is the calling card of metrosexuality. if monthly foils at the salon isn’t frouffing your peacock, i don’t know what is. i won’t go so far as to call you narcissistic, for i partake in similar beauty treatments (and more). but i will remind you that this is not exactly the habits of manly sort of man. and (hate to break it to you) they’re not exactly subtle.

point is (and i’m pointing it out for those hate mailers who so often somehow miss my point??) but the point is, if you’re going to frost your tips – you’ve got to own it brother. you simply cannot get pissy when bras and ranties brings them up. your tips are frosted. what do you want from me?

and just a li’l note to the closet dude-readers: manly is in. i’m talking chest-hair and sweatyness. enough already already with the primping. i’m pretty enough for both of us. trust.

One thought on “rantie.”

  1. shera says:

    I find this both both hilarious and contradictory in re: previous man-beauty posts.
    When did sweaty hairy men start using moisturizer???

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