a few months ago, we stopped doing the double-kiss while greeting friends hello. no thought process was had, we simply decided we’d had enough. so, with strong resolve and a raised hand came the declaration “we no longer do the double.” in fact, we believe we actually may have pronounced it doob-lay, which we’re quite sure made our buddy a lot less happy to see bras and ranties that day.

however from that day forward, we cannot. we simply cannot. what silly soul decided this was a good idea for the western hemisphere to adopt into practice? that awkward dance of noses. the flash of doubt: are we gonna dooblay? the trace of what was consumed for dinner. no no.
 one is simply enough, or perhaps a warm hug hello. why we must be forced to brush our foundation/illuminizer/bronzer combo ™ against all the sweaty boys is simply beyond us. we encourage each of you to just say no to the dooblay. start the revolution. anarchy!
 what was the point of this again? oh yes. la bise (known in more modern circles as the dooblay) a tradition as french as it gets has now come under global threat: the swine. the health ministry and local school officials in france are now encouraging citizens to cease the practice, for fear that they may very well speed up transmission. that, and the menages a trois. read more here.

2 thoughts on “rantie”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Suggestion Box goes Romantic?

    I lived in Normandy during Uni and can attest to the outrageous number of kisskisses I would carry out from morning til night with all contacts: girls, guys, teachers, you name it. At first charming and all tings "french", but quickly cringe-worthy. What with the bathing and dental regime of these friends being about as good as a BC tree planter – it was not the most pleasant two seconds of each day.

    But the article's mention of the bise box – what a lovely idea to have an everyday occasion to exchange a valentine-like intent? perhaps a Heart Box is called for on B&R? you could pluck a heartfelt message out once and a while and share with us as part of your feeds at right. I'll start: B&R is one of my bookmarks!

  2. Kellstar says:

    Still a big fan of the double kiss. Maybe not to be done in North America where it can be awkward if you're saying hello to someone who isn't used to it. But, man, what a barrier breaker. Just get in there and kiss. The security guards at the European Parliament used to do the Flemmish three kisses in the morning and it made my day. Shaved heads, big guns and wearing a copper's uniform and kissing. Yes.

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