someone asked me today if i dress for men or women. twelve hours later, i have yet to settle upon an answer.

i think that most women (at least, most fashion-oriented women) would initially argue that they dress for other women. and that, in general, men don’t appreciate (nor fathom) some of the style choices that we may make. therefore, to dress for men would be to take your style in a more sexual and sensual direction, and away from a style-oriented one.

after much thought, my final answer is that i am unable to answer due to gross generalizations.

you see, fashion is beauty. and beauty is sensuality. and sensuality is sexuality. if a piece is fashion-oriented but not beautiful (and therefore sensual…yah you get it) why the hell are you wearing it?

when did we decide that men couldn’t appreciate style and women couldn’t appreciate sexiness? why are they mutually exclusive? the way you dress yourself should be appealing and attractive to both men and women, both in style and in sensuality. i dress for both. suck it.

3 thoughts on “rantie.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I dress for myself and for professional reasons. Period. If I happen to feel I look good and love the feel of what I'm wearing, that will translate into others loving what I wear, but it's hardly ever my main concern or consideration.


  2. ~Dickie says:

    How could that not be your main concern or consideration? Why would you leave the house and not feel you look good. Style is a reflection of character – if you don't put thought into your style, what does this say about your character? I dress for professional reasons as well (wear a suit 5 days a week), but never leave the house without at least a touch of Dickie incorporated somewhere.

    I say paint the picture of who you are and rock it proudly; if others like what they see, great, if not, it's probably time to find a new crowd/career/city.

  3. Anonymous says:

    ..and i dress for functionality.

    i'm not here to impress anyone with my style, or lack of.

    i barely notice what people are wearing.
    and i believe the majority of the population don't give a shit what others are wearing.

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