we’ve been recently forced to reflect on bras and ranties on deeper levels than ever intended. we’ve spent countless hours trying to calibrate what it’s done for our person, and what we want it to be in the future. friends have always described us by saying that bras and ranties likes to be heard. we admit, while it hasn’t always been so pleasantly articulated, the general theme has run throughout. many are surprised to learn that the act of publishing the blogette didn’t come as second nature. in fact, has been one of our more difficult, yet transformative experiences thus far.

bras and ranties began as a creative outlet. a way to fuse a passion for writing with a passion for living. all done while wearing exceptional outfits, we might add. but along the journey of building this lovely little blogette, we built our voice. we learnt that the only way to live was in truth with who we are. to be curious. to be unabashadly proud of our opinions, our points of view, the ways that we’re different; this what life is about. this is called your voice.

bras and ranties is a conversation. confabulation, we prefer. it’s our thoughts on the matter published to you, and hopefully yours come back in return. what’s ours is yours to take and make into your own, however it is not simply yours to take. to thine own self be true. word.

2 thoughts on “rantie”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Right on Bras and Ranties!

  2. Kat says:

    You said it. how how!

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