scene. a recent night out on the town with one (perhaps superiorly) fabulous @_jennybird. making our way around town a few vodka sodas at a time, we encounter more than one toronto lady deserving of a compliment.

compliment dished, the recipient seems stunned. are the two bejeweled blondes playing nasty schoolgirl tricks? i love your skirt, where’d you get it / that is the ugliest effing skirt i’ve ever seen (credit: regina george extraordinare) or are they simply – gasp – being nice?

it seems it’s become somewhat of a rarity for women to offer up pleasantries, introduce themselves, or engage in conversation with other women. perhaps it’s fallen out of practice, your focus instead going towards your crew and the dudes – why go out to meet women? we’ve become competitors, not comrades – a balance which men (i might add) manage to keep much more in-check.

women can be brutal to other women, fact. it’s a trait (or rather, a gift) that is imperative to whip out when necessary. but why the cold shoulder as you’re going about your day? if you enjoy another woman’s look, book or her opinion on the matter – let her know. spread the love!