oh jesus. we finally saw the november vogue cover with our own two eyes. we actually ‘ew’ed outloud in line at shoppers, straight into the back of a sweet wee thing. but we had to! it was as bad as we’d feared after seeing it online. it is worse. it is wretched.

we mean, these bitches are the ballers (which is precisely why they’re photoshopped together, we imagine). their vogue cover should not look like this. no cover should look like this.
we won’t even begin to nitpick because we’ll just rantie away about each and every one of them (except the goddess cotillard), but please will you take a moment and really look at nicole kidman. up close. that is a fish.
shame that vogue missed the boat on this one. the franchise must still be riding high from the success of the september issue (which we still haven’t seen. harumph). and in some dark days of publishing, wintour should be workin it.