people are all a-twitter about news released last week from starbucks: that, in the near future, some of their cafes will sell booze. whee.

what these selective-hearing, semi-alcoholics have failed to understand is that this will take place within a new sub-brand of starbucks: the unbranded cafe.

you see, starbucks would like to take their consumer back to the good old days; the days when (ironically enough) starbucks hadn’t devoured and bankrupted local neighbourhood coffee shops. these new cafes will be comepletely unbranded; void of the starbucks name, logo or ubiquitous consumer experience that starbucks provides us. cafes will be named locally (such as 15th ave coffee and tea) but items to purchase and consume will be consistent with the rest of the starbucks infrastructure (err…i mean…experience).

please. all in all, i’m left speechless at the organization’s audacity. you cannot buy authenticity, let alone fake the stuff. simply removing your brand cues from the customer experience does not an authentic experience make. frankly, it seems nothing more than an attempt to pull the wool over our eyes – with fingers crossed that if we know the truth, we simply don’t care.

the new world order will starve and suffocate companies, brands and agencies that don’t bother to take the time to understand their consumer and provide them with an offering that satisfies their needs. this must be done with authenticity and transparency. consumers should (and will) vote with their dollars, and we’ll see a number of entrepreneurial organizations rise to the top. and hopefully we see bullshit ideas like this roll over and die.

invest in local businesses that will provide the world with ideas that matter. ideas that change. ideas that improve the world around us. enough with bullshit like this from organizations attempting to capitalize on our supposed ignorance of their ways. we know better. and for all of you twitter-heads who’ve been perpetuating the good news and ignoring the bad, open your eyes, see what’s really going on and use your voice to bring truth. and the whole story.

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  1. ~Dickie says:

    Yes Newts – Nailed it.

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