there was once a day where bras and ranties reckoned herself a lawyer. having always been blessed with the gift of the tongue (in more ways than one) we’ve been told that few can deliver a lashing a la bras and ranties. this gift, coupled with our propensity to argue simply for the sake of arguing (even when we know we’re wrong – just to see if we can) left our parental units and teachers alike envisioning us a bulldog in the courtroom.

along the way this desire faded away to nil, a direct result of two key influences: the amount of studying we would have to partake in, and how deathly boring the lawyer set is (only minimal offense intended, of course).

but even our un-lawyered ass can see that those american fools have made an error of epic proportions in their latest attempts at stifling life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the the same sex portion of the population.
the state of texas recently attempted to amend the state consitution with a clause to clearly prevent the creation of domestic partnerships, civil unions and all other unions that would give same-sex couples many of the benefits of marriage. however, while doing so, the dumbasses have technically eliminated marriage altogether. check it.
we look forward to the day in the (hopefully imminent) future where we can remember when the world was so ass backwards. where we can laugh at the ignorance of the generations before. tell us the point of further-breaking a dysfunctional sytem that allows elizabeth taylor eight husbands, but won’t give a man just one. how did we get here? we say we scrap the whole thing and start over, with heart and humanity as the basis of our law, rather than a useless book of fables. word.

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