call me naive, but i continue to be surprised when judgement is passed about me, regardless of the fact that it happens pretty much constantly.

i’m aware that my persona may be somewhat…loud. my clothes are loud. my jewels are loud. my stories are loud. my gesticulation…you guessed it. plus apparently i also intinate like a valley girl, but i call that an accent. all of this (and more) causes people to make an assumption about the person that i am inside. and you know what they say about assumption…

frankly i’m shocked that as we approach our 30s we haven’t matured beyond this yet. each one of us has come into our own, settling into our characters with ease and confidence. if our paths to this point have each differed, should not the end result? why does the fact that i may be different from you incite shallow judgement?

i not only appreciate having diversity of character around me, i celebrate it. only surrounding yourself with people who are similar to you causes stagnation in your cerebral evolution. i want you to be different than me. please, i beg of you, i don’t think the world could take another…

anyways. i do believe that people who converse with me come to realize there’s more than what meets the eye. i am intuitive. complex. emotionally intelligent. creative. and interesting. i just take some getting used to.

try it sometime.

3 thoughts on “rantie.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This entry makes me laugh. Are you seriously feeling incensed that someone ‘passes shallow judgment’ based on how you look/act/speak/behave?

    A. What else do we have to go on when we don’t already know someone well? All of us use these traits as indicators to determine whether or not we want to get to know someone better, and…

    B. Certainly there’s no justifying the ‘shallow’ part, but come on…. spandex isn’t for everyone, right?

    You really just have to get over it, Jen. You can’t be a diva AND have everyone like it. Ask Paris Hilton

  2. Anonymous says:

    p.s. It’s lame that comments have to be approved. freedom of speech!

  3. KidShaleen says:

    It’s lame that you post as Anonymous. How about growing a set?

    It’s her blog – not a democracy. Get over it…

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