we must admit. as much as we really love love (or, rather, the idea of it) a single bras and ranties is quite a happy bras and ranties. there is a lot of fun to be had out there doing your own thang (despite the myth that all the boys in toronto are ugly) providing you keep your head on straight about it all. it really is a lot more fun, versus being stuck at home with your chump boyfriend. yes, we’re talking about you.

that said, there are a few key things we miss about being in a relationship. eating real dinner. naked snuggles. sex when you want it. thus, we believe every single girl’s got to keep herself a little racket. you know what we mean. just a few boys on the roster who can fulfill the need when necessaire. it’s function and form over feelings, dontcha know.
(yes, things get a little niggy when when the racket involves the inevitable x, as so many girls’ do. we currently have our own theory on the matter: perhaps if you throw two into the mix you’re much less likely to suffer any aches? we’re not yet sold on the idea, however, which is why we perked right up when a bras and ranties lovely forwarded this article to us. the premise: if you’re still banging an x, do you remain in a weird, twisted version of a relationship? discuss amongst yourselves)
what was the point of all of this? oh yes. bras and ranties remains a fierce proponent of the racket system; it is, after all, the way the boys do it. which is why we can’t for the life of us understand a person – a young woman, no less – to truly find this behavior appalling. we feel as though our mother’s scolding us for being a trollop, while she informs us that the only thing a girl has is her reputation. please.
any woman who shuns the idea of responsible pleasure with more than one dude is a woman who is scared. and repressed. and boring. and maybe frigid. we are sexual beings, and our bodies give us good times with zero ticket price. why wouldn’t we explore? why wouldn’t we play around? why wouldn’t we dammit!
if you’ve chosen to settle down with pointdexter, such is your prerogative. bras and ranties is gonna keep on boning. yes we can.