for the record, we were explicitly disappointed with the lack of interesting fashion in vegas. i packed with an ‘anything goes’ attitude: vibrant colours, short hemlines and (obvie) come-fuck me shoes. all, of course, done with taste and quality pieces. but still – in the spirit of vegas, ya know?

i was received with abundant elevators* from both men and women, in what i can only assume was appreciation. because these chicks were either boring or skank-ho. it was a rare instance i appreciated another girl’s outfit, which makes bras and ranties very sad. is this what non-coastal america has come to?

most of us are young, busy, broke and beautiful. we require creativity when we get dressed, because we can’t afford a closet full of chloe. ingenuity in style should be what we strive for. the lack of expression through the medium of style should be a shame.

achieving a unique/luxe/edgy look is not difficult. it does not take a gold card. it takes enthusiasm, an eye for detail and a good fucking tailor. i can help you with all three, if you like.
* you know the look. up. down. back up again. c’est: the elevator.