i am not a fan of american apparel. oh, every once in a while i’ll pop in…when need a quick fix for tights, or those nude mini-tube dresses that are perf under any sheer dress. and perhaps a certain item i’ve been wearing a lot lately may be aa (i’ll never tell). but for the most part, blah! but alas, cheese-perv survives.

for months now, it’s looked like the kitschy little hipster label that seemed to be taking over the world with its semi-porn might fall victim to the recession. but here in late march, it looks like american apparel as we know it might just survive. taking what appears to be a pretty huge risk, ceo and founder dov charney reportedly purchased $2.67M of stock in his company. all told he got 855,000 shares — 460,000 of those he bought on margin.