re: simplicity.

today, while discussing the power of simplicity in brand-building, my compadre used the phrase “some things are just better without sequins”.

sigh…if only this were true.

perhaps, dear friend, it’s just that this time around, the sequins are of the simple variety? i believe that there should be magic built into any resonant brand – from those brands are so simple they’re profound, all the way to brands with enough complexity to spark cultural change. a lot to ask? perhaps. but each brand requires a comparable attention to detail and voice; the requisite of fresh thought; and a defined strategy of who we are and how we communciate. no matter which brand it is.

ps – a quick aside. i often hear people using the word simplistic. just in case you weren’t aware, simplistic is not a fancy way of saying simple. simplistic implies extreme and often misguided simplicity. in other words, stupid. so…that’s probably not what you meant to say.

pps – big ups to the anonymous ball-buster who will inevitably make some comment about my blogette being all things simplistic. yawn.

ppps – this pic is of someone’s bathroom. i’m drooling.

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  1. bennett says:

    that’s a little simplistic…

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