reader mail.

it’s been forevs since we had reader mail, so big love to this anonymous lesbian seeking b&r advice.

you know you want to:

hey bras and ranties. hoping you could provide your perspective on something. i just booked an awesome trip to go and visit my sister, and i felt it was time to bring along my love/my girlfriend/my live-in to join me. my sis has invited us to stay with her, but just informed me that she expects my girlfriend and i to sleep in separate rooms! she claims she doesn’t feel totally comfortable with our relationship. this is oviously ridiculous, but ruffling feathers with my sister is not exactly ideal. help?

oh dear. well, assuming you are in fact an adult with a working visa, i say fuck that shit and book yo sapphic selves into a hotel room. your sister’s half-hearted attempt at accepting you for who you are is bound to ensure you’re suffering the entirety of the visit in moderate-to-extreme tension. not to mention your poor li’l lady, who’s undoubtedly going to realize she’s the catalyst.

in short, stay with sis and you’re pretty much ensuring you and your baby are having a fight. sans make-up sex, for that matter, unless you can both sneak in a shower. boo!

tell your sister that while you sincererly appreciate her generosity, you and your love have realized it’d be best for all three if you had your own space.

you should also inform her that considering the two of you currently share a home, it means you share a bed. it means you are each other’s homes. why be forced apart from eachother because of your hostess’ own ignorance? bras and ranties politely declines.