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my call did not go unheeded for reader mail last week! we love reader mail. please send us more. we’re brimming with fashion, boyfriend and blowjob advice, among other very important things. don’t be shy.

dear bras and ranties. you’ve mentioned your preference for vintage shopping (and then having the pieces tailored to our bodies). great advice (esp now that we’re on tighter budgets) but i just feel like most of the vintage is see is so…granny. can you point me in the direction of your favourite spots? thanks.

i am, by no means, a vintage queen. it’s often difficult to find pieces that are relevant to my current style. vintage often feels costume-y, which some people adore. i think the trick is identifying with an era (i go for 60s and 70s) and then keeping your eye peeled for bold and interesting pieces. patterns. colours. things you just don’t see anymore. if it fits (even if it’s too big) and you think you can make something out of it, pick it up. and get a good tailor.

the following are some of my top picks. i invite y’all to leave your own faves.

1. i miss you (63 ossington): highly edited selection of special vintage pieces – it’s rare to find junk. many higher end (i’ve almost blown my wad on yves saint laurent more than once), with a great selection of vintage designer bags. belts galore. womens only

2. vintage 69 (1100 queen w): a must. this is the spot for statement pieces, kick-ass sunglasses and cowboy boots. amazing men’s selection and everything in womens is unique and work-able. a girlfriend bought the leather jacket of her life there last week for $35.

3. bungalow (273 augusta): i don’t frequent this spot nearly enough. bungalow is a mixture of vintage and newer items, mixed in with some amazing homeware pieces.

4. cabaret (672 queen): from an earlier era, cabaret stocks pieces for both men and women from the 1900s-1960s. dita von tesse and andre 3000 have both picked up pieces here, separately, i do assume. i purchased the most encroyable pillbox chapeau there the other week. its dying for a bruncheon – anyone? the best hat selection around. go when feeling whimsical.

5. second time around (99 yorkville): this not often noticed yorkville spot is an amazing source for gently used designer bags and sunglasses, as well as a pretty impressive array of tiffany’s and hermes. i usually ignore the clothes and go straight for the accessories here, as there’s just too much good stuff. suffice to say your deals here will be impressive versus original price, but certainly not bargain basement. they do, however, let you haggle.

dress @ right from 69 vintage. was humungo when purchased. now perfect, as you can see.

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  1. iamlaura says:

    well then, who's your tailor?

  2. Anonymous says:

    yes, whom do you use? Many thanks 🙂

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