reader mail fail

we have been meaning to get to this readermail for weeks now. just as we’ve been meaning to get to all of your lovely emails of love and laughs (for the most part) that we read, re-read, tear up over (homonym) and shyly file away for later. and yet.

dear bras and ranties. do you (please) have a concealer recommendation? i have been searching to no avail. merci.

oh dear. if only it were so easy. the answer is non, we do not. we (like you) suffer from the curse de coon and we’ve also practically ransacked sephora to no avail. the best we can do is the scoop on our own regime, and an open call to readers to please share your faves if you’ve got’em in the comments section.
in the meantime, bras and ranties has been using industry fave (aka biggest pr budget) ysl touche eclat. really, just a concealer/highlighter combo (in a tremendous gold casing, as it were) which is a trick most of us 80s girls should be employing regardless. a wee bit of highlight goes a mighty long way.
we invite you to share your favorites with the group, please and thanks.

3 thoughts on “reader mail fail”

  1. Anonymous says:

    There are a few that I would recommend (after having tried almost every concealer out there).
    You actually need 2 different concealers:
    – 1 for under the eye that is more moisturizing and apricot tinted (to counteract the blue in the dark circle).
    – The other is for the rest of your face to cover imperfections – it should be a little drier in consistency so it wears longer and it should match your skintone exactly.

    Here are the ones that I have found cover well yet still look natural. It's important to note that really dark undereye circles need 2 concealers – an apricot/peachy colour to neutralize blue tones and a skin toned concealer to blend into the skin.

    Undereye circles
    1. Bobbi Brown Corrector – an apricot creamy concealer – works really well on its own but if you need extra coverage, you can apply her Creamy Concealer on top
    2. Laura Mercier Undercover pot – 2 colours – a peachy apricot to counteract blue tones and a skin matching colour to blend and look natural

    1. Make up for ever HD concealer – FAB!!! There are a lot of colour choices and it really covers without looking fake or maskey
    2. Amazing Cosmetics Magic Eraser Concealer – really thick and covers amazing, but looks natural. The tube will last forever as you only need a tiny tiny bit.

    All available at Sephora except Bobbi Brown – you have to go to Holt's for that 🙂

    Hope that helps someone

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would recommend TATTOO by Kat Von B – Get it at Sephora.

  3. Allie says:

    On board with Kim and the Bobbi Brown, but not just for undereye – the cream concealer is amazing. the best part? it lasts allllll day. can't stand the ones that seem to magically disappear after an hour or two…also have a lot of experience in this department, and access to copious amounts of product to test out. this one's definitely a winner! xo

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