reader mail!

i say this with an air of exclamation, only because i’m rarely getting it these days. come on lads and ladies…i know you’re reading. ask me things!

hola bras and ranties. i’m hoping you can help with these undereye circles of evil. i try and cover up but, as i’ve just hit 30, the thick stuff’s starting to make me look (gasp) old. any advice?

oh dear, wee panda bear. the universal question, really. i’ve been on a decade-long hunt for the solution myself, only to have achieved what i would give a grade of 90%. i’ll share this advice with you now, and will do some follow-up research with the girls @ gee beauty, since they always have such great advice.

i’m sure you’re aware you must start with an undereye cream (again, i sing the praises of dermalogica’s total eye care with spf 15). oh! pause for a tip. if you don’t already, be sure to always do eye-makeup prior to foundation and concealer. this way you can clean up the shadow that’s fallen under your eyes with a make-up remover pad, and build your undereye coverage from a state of total cleanliness.

okays. so over your undereye cream comes the concealer, obviously. i used to use benefit’s erase paste, but found an even better performer in mac’s select cover-up. i know…mac…who buys this anymore??

then, i use my trusty benefit high brow pencil (designed to lift the appearance of brows) in the darkest spots for that extra bit of bright.

and, an added step if i’m going out at night and i anticipate my girls being camera-happy, i will dab a bit of highlighter over top of the entire area, in order to offset any concealer settling into crows feet. not that any of us have those, or anything.

i know. seemingly over the top and complicated. but not really. give it a go!

ps. i’m thinking of doing mini youtube videos of makeup tutorials. sounds crazy, but i can’t tell you how many of my girlies have loved a run-through. thoughts?