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hello bras and ranties, in one of your older posts on your blog you mentioned that you had hair extensions. i’m considering getting some and was wondering where you went to get them done (and if you would recommend them)? thanks in advance. your blog is great!

le sigh. those extensions. my hair looked amahz. encroyable. it was the hair you dream about, and it cost more than my rent. i went with the brand called great lengths, which (at that time) was the best of the best.

my stylist recommended them when i was whining about how my hair just would not grow. she’d had them and loved them, and insisted that not only would there be minimal damage to my hair, it would likely grow for the 4/5 months the extensions are in. so i went for it.

long story short, i rocked the casbah and sassed myself silly with my luscious locks. and then the day i had them taken out, i wanted to murder everyone in my general vicinity. not only had my hair not grown, about 1/3 of it was missing. i was forced to chop. compare and contraste above right. devastating.

my direct quote at the time was that i wouldn’t wish extensions upon my worst enemy. there’s a reason why they’re addictive. your real hair is never the same. please don’t do it.

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    Thanks for answering my question — I really appreciate your input!

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