reader mail.

more reader mail! and my very first from someone who is not (yet) my friend! thank you for reading and keep passing the blogette along to your buds.

oh, ps. site updates. thoughts? i’m getting more functions…to come!

oh, sorry. back to you.
i’m not sure if you’ve done any body boot camps in toronto, but if you have, which one do you suggest? a couple of friends and i are looking to do one but there are a couple to choose from.

some of you are snickering, because you have found the perfect girl to answer this q! i have tried (a few) and fallen in love (with one). it is called beach body bootcamp, put on by jenn and emma of lotus island. i did this workout for a year and it completely changed my life. i have never been fitter, never been leaner, never been stronger, and never been better in-tune with my overall wellness. but my personal trainer glen is about to fix that.
classes are in a hot studio in the winter, and in the gorgeous outdoors in the summah time. and no, it aint easy.

here’s their info: jenn scott: 416-910-1833

i should also mention that glen does a summer bootcamp, also outside. will give you that info as it comes!