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now now. we haven’t forgetten about our other bras and ranties lovely, who rantied away on the lackadaisical effort of les hommes of late. text messages and late-night where are yous grinding her last nerve, anonymous and annoyed is certainly not feeling swept off her feet.

and how can you blame her? in fact we shudder in unison at what can only be described as the dissolution of the gentleman. as if it’s a rare occurence to come across a man who phones you up and asks you to dinner – we mean really. a twenty-two character text message, more like.

it’s a sad state of affairs really, though we maintain optimistic hope that the more intelligent ones will realize as such and up the ante. and don’t get us started at the sad truth behind it all: they don’t put in much effort because (with a lot of girls) they don’t have to. please refer to previous pussy buffet post.

though as annoying as it all may be, we’re just not sure how much it all really matters. hear us out. sure this aint no fairytale romance (unless you count the textual variety) but it’s not directly proportional to how he’ll treat you if you fall for each other. it’s just that right now, he doesn’t know any better. thus, he doesn’t really care.

let him come to you how he so chooses (within reason) and give him the opportunity to drop the bullshit, open up and get to know you. it’s how he treats you after you’ve become close that matters. til then, best to just let boys be boys.

what do you think?

4 thoughts on “reader ranties”

  1. JB says:

    I am almost in the "who can blame them mode".

    I was dining with a 20 something female friend the other day who was really worried about a friend of hers , who had finally given up the old virginity in a drunken haze. The young man in question apparantly said something like "have a nice life" and failed to call her or touch base.

    Naturally said young lady was immediately overcome with self loathing and dislike of the entire male population.

    Not to worry all is now well, she had another encounter, ironically following the Lady Gaga concert in Montreal, enjoyed herself and was over the moon to have recieved a text the next day. Nothing since though! She claims that she feels better about herself because this one CARES.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice positive comment JB however, I don't mean to be negative, but the only response I can think of is, despite whether one likes you or not, one must try not to place their confidence in anothers hands and only in their own.

  3. b. says:

    I was just tweeting about that a few weeks ago (

    it's astounding that just by having a guy call you instead of text you, and not play the crazy mind games, he comes off as being amazing when really he's just being NORMAL.

    what the shit.

  4. JB says:

    You all know the old adage "If you pay peanuts, you will get monkeys" well the same can said in matters of the boudoir.

    When you set your standards reeeaaal low, you will catch stuff from those depths.

    Try a true man, instead of "NORMAL" boys.

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