real men moisturize

so i may or may not be starting to work on a brand architecture project that may or may not involve men and skin care.

it got me wondering what exactly it is you manly men are doing to care for your skin behind closed doors…

what products are you using? what brands have you found to be effectual? what brands do you feel okay with using, and which do you ignore because they are simply ‘made for girls’. gimme the goods!

to wrap up, my hopes are that you are at least moisturizing. a few of you will grow increasingly handsome with age…but the rest of you will just look saggy and wrinkly without it.

One thought on “real men moisturize”

  1. grc693 says:

    Jergens, Vasoline, all just seem like crap to me and the more expensive girly stuff dont seem much better, other than they have some perfume! So I use 100% Certified Organic Coconut Oil! Yes the kind you can cook with … yup and it is edible. 27$ and a tub lasts all winter. No stearyl alcohol, Dimethicone, or Behentrimonium chloride. You asked! See you monday.

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